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About Becoming a Micro-Entrepreneur

Start a business for part time income, or as a full time job. GTF provides start up training for people with a great idea and lots of motivation.
It's never too early to learn the basics of starting and running a small business. These skills will last a lifetime.
More than ever, micro-entrepreneurship is helping people all over the world reach out of poverty and sustain an income.


Certified Micro-Entrepreneur

Certified Micro-Entrepreneur

This training program is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of starting a successful micro-business. You will build a website and use it as a marketing and business plan. At the end of 30 days, you will have your website set up complete with your value proposition and a way to collect money. You will strive to have your first revenue as well. The course is self-paced so you can finish on your own time, but it is structured with assignments and deadlines. The certificate will help you gain micro-funding if required, but you will most likely not need any additional funding. Check out the Syllabus Here.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

This course will teach you how to use the latest technology to create a buzz surrounding your brand and offerings. You will learn how to use content to produce a value proposition for your prospects, and to lead them to a buying decision through your website and social media outlets. You will learn to use FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pintrest and other social media along with blogging to create compelling content. We also cover partnering on marketing opportunities, purchasing and selling advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Build and Maintain a Website

Build and Maintain a Website

A good website is the heart and soul of any business today – and especially small businesses. It is your “brochure” that contains all the information your customers need to make a buying decision.  Learning how to design, build, and maintain a dynamic site may be the difference between success and just getting by. This course takes website building a step beyond the basics presented in the certificate course. The course will teach you and your employees (if you have any) to build a site in WordPress and keep it fresh, interesting and up to date.

Starting a Non-Profit (501c3)

Starting a Non-Profit (501c3)

If your goal is to make a difference and a bit of money in the meantime, this course is for you. You move beyond what you learned in the basic certification course and move step by step through the process of filing an IRS form 1023 to become a 501c3, non-profit organization. All the information you need to consider and research will be presented including your mission, programs, board structure, revenue generating plans, and all the rest of the details necessary to become a 501c3 organization.


Work from Home

Most micro-entrepreneurs work from home, or anywhere they want to.

Flexible Schedule

Many think that having a flexible schedule is a wonderful thing, and micro-entrepreneurs would agree, except that they work lots of hours. (and enjoy doing it)!

Doing what you Love

The most successful micro-entrepreneurs do something they just absolutely love. It might be a hobby turned into a business. 

Unlimited Potential

In many cases, the sky is the limit when you open your own business, your hard work takes you as far as you can go. 

Low Investment

If you want a business loan, micro-entrepreneurship is not for you. If you want to take the cash you  have on hand, and bet it on yourself, you have the makings of a dynamic micro-entrepreneur. 


There is something magical that happens when you become self-employed (even if it is part time). The sense of price and accomplishment will change your life. 

Becoming a Micro-Entrepreneur

Webinar recording - Dr. Valerie Whitcomb discusses what it takes to make it as a micro-business person.


Courses are presented in Canvas LMS, a world class learning system. They are designed to be completed in 4 weeks, but you can move through them as quickly, or slowly as you like.
You will always have an instructor and mentor with plenty of micro-entrepreneurship experience guiding you along the way, helping with assignments and leading you through the process.
The course is designed to build on past projects so your business comes together with the least amount of work. The course must be completed in order for maximum efficiency.
The course includes a domain name and a full year of hosting. It also includes custom, premium themes which Global Training Foundation owns, so you can get a free, fantastic template if you chose one of ours.
We can't write your content for you, but we can help edit. We also have subscriptions to various stock photo sites, so you will get free media to spruce up your site.


Provide a Scholarship for a Micro-Entrepreneur

Enable a Deserving Indivdiual to Start a Small Business
Suggested Donation
  • All the Start-Up Basics
  • Includes Website Set Up and Design
  • Plus One Year of Hosting and Support
  • Global Training Foundation is a 501c3 Organization
  • Provides a Fully-Paid Scholarship to the Program for an Individual in Need

Provide a Scholarship for a New Non-Profit (501c3)

Social Micro-Entrepreneruship is an Extremely Worthwile Cause
Suggested Donation
  • Support Completing the IRS Form 1023
  • Self-Paced, Instructor Led Program
  • Your Donation Provides a Scholarship to the Program
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Design, Build and Maintain a Website During this Program
  • One Full Year of Hosting is Included

Fundraising and Inbound Marketing

For Existing Businesses - Small Business Development Basics
Suggested Donation
  • Social Media Marketing for your Organization
  • Bring in Customers and Supporters
  • Basics of Fundraising
  • Grant Development Fundamentals
  • Customer Relationship Management


Meet Some Micro-Entrepreneurs

Professional Photography

Like lots of other micro-entrepreneurs, I started taking pictures in my spare time and a hobby. I ended up taking pictures of events, friends and family and created incredible albums. The problem with photography these days is that you have to be super good, because everyone has a camera! My photography business is built upon my showing up at a formal event or gathering, as a professional photographer, and getting the job done. You would be surprised a how well this works.

Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure

Plant Rentals

When my kids wanted to do a lemonade stand in our neighborhood, I asked them for a more original idea. They decided to sell plants – because we had a number of road-side nurseries in our area. I humored them, and said we would try a plant rental business. I took them to get a business license, made them come to the printer to do brochures, forced them to come to Home Depot to get potting soil and we turned our garage in to a small plant nursery. They licked the stamps and the envelopes. Then we got a real customer – and then we had a dozen. Three years later we still have a small but growing (no pun intended) family business. We water every week and we all do it together!

Paradise Plant Productions

Paradise Plant Productions

Medical Transcription Service

I am a nurse and I have been for a long time. I like what I do, but it was getting to be “just a job”, and not a great paying one at that. So I decided to start a medical transcription business on the side. I brushed up on my typing skills and I have a number of doctors that just drop audio files on Dropbox for me almost every day. I type notes from audio files, and I also transcribe (and translate) handwritten notes from doctors as well. I am in the process of training a voice recognition software to understand medical terms.



Boat Cleaning

I started cleaning boats on the docks at my parents marina in high school. In college, I cleaned boats during the summer and after I graduated, I couldn’t get a job, so I just kept cleaning boats. The big step came when I got insurance, and I knew I had to make a real business out of it. It is pretty simple, you just show up when you say you will and do a good job. I am a one-person shop unless I need a helper for large jobs. The work is tough but I am outdoors and I enjoy the people. When I see my buddies from school, they ask me when I am going to get a “real job”. I don’t brag – but I make almost twice what any one of them do – and I take the winters off.

Four Winds Yacht Detailing

Four Winds Yacht Detailing

Hard Cider Manufacturer

So I started making hard cider for my friends – and they liked it. I decided to try to make a few extra bucks at the deal – and so now I am in the process of starting a real business making hard cider from a variety of fruits. It is definitely hard work, but I like it – and it is rewarding. I seriously doubt if I will get rich doing it, but if I can just sell enough to live comfortably (which really doesn’t take much), I will be happy with it.

Boulevard Hard

Boulevard Hard

Small Job Construction

I have always been handy and over the years, I found myself helping friends and neighbors with all sorts of projects – always for free! I am a computer guy by education and trade, but building stuff always kept me going. I started my “real business” about 3 years ago part time and began billing for my work. The surprising thing is that once I started charging, I found that more people wanted me to do work for them. Apparently, people were reluctant to call if I was doing them a favor, and everyone has money to spend on a good job – well done. I am strongly considering doing this full time in the future – because I will make more than my regular job. But it is a big leap so we will see what happens.

Jack Peterson Construction (JPC)

Jack Peterson Construction (JPC)

Cat Breeder

I bought a very expensive cat about 10 years ago and immediately felt guilty about spending so much money. So I decided to breed her – and a new business was born. A few years into the business I started gaining a reputation for great cats, and now I make a (very nice) living just selling my beautiful ragdoll cats. I moved to a larger house and I actually have kittens living in my home and we have a barn where they live when the weather is good.

The Ragdoll Catery

The Ragdoll Catery

Organizational Expert

I have always been super well organized. A few years ago, one of my friends – who is also a micro-entrepreneur called to ask me to help a wife and mother of three that had some serious clutter (boarderline hoarder) problems. I worked with her for weeks and slowly got her house organized. Her family was thrilled – and it was really a life-changing time for them. I decided to actually open a business doing organizing, and I supplement my income helping people overcome disorganized thinking and living spaces.

Uncluttered Living

Uncluttered Living


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